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2015 Prayer Letters



April, 2015

 After 27 years of applications, surveys, document submissions, etc., by missionaries Ted Mullins, Dennis Wells, and myself, the front section of our land now has a title! This gives us a 99 year lease. The back section still doesn't have a title, but this opens the door to make this a possibility. We are very happy to see this since so much time, effort, and money has gone into making this happen. We are thankful to God for allowing this first section victory!

 Pastor Harry and Ketty's little boy, Junior, was kidnapped this month.  Ketty was in Goroka (7 1/2 hours from home) and while she and Junior were in the outdoor market on Saturday some men took him. I drove Pastor Harry to town where he continued on to Goroka. They put up signs and even had the radio station make an announcement. On Thursday there was a blessed reunion when Junior was returned! When the men kidnapped Junior they took him to a village 10 miles outside of Goroka and sold him. The people who bought him knew he had been kidnapped. But, Thursday, when one of them went to Goroka, he saw the signs and saw that he had a pastor's son. He felt guilty over the fact that he had a pastor's son and decided he needed to return him. So, Junior is back with his parents, in their village, safe and sound. What a blessed ending to a tragic situation! We are hearing more and more about kids (mostly girls) disappearing on their way to school and no one sees them again. We thank
God that He allowed this one to turn out well!

We had a baptism service in Marapini and there were 21 baptized in the river. Number 22 changed her mind at the last minute. She is an older lady and her family told her that if she got baptized they wouldn't take care of her anymore. This would be a death sentence for her. They also told her that if she got baptized she would grow a second head and die. This may seem silly to those in western culture, but it is very real to those here who receive this threat (she isn't the only one). Unfortunately, she couldn't get past this and withdrew. Please pray for her, and for strength to do right in the face of trials. But, we are thankful for the other 21 who made this step of faith after asking Christ to save them from their sins. This village fellowship has grown tremendously and their hunger for God's word is refreshing!

Bible Arrival!
 The first 10,000 King James Pidgin Bibles have arrived in country! Seeing these Bibles overwhelms my heart! I can't wait to start getting them into the hands of the people! We are so thankful to all who gave to make this a possibility. And, we are so thankful that God has allowed us to have a part in it all. It's been a long road, and the road is continuing on, but what a victory!



March, 2015
Physical Door/Spiritual Need
I went back into a village in another tribe, next to the Wiru tribe, to train some men how to use their new sawmill. This village has no gospel witness so even though I did not have time for this endeavor, and could have sent someone in my place, I made time just for the possibility of being able to preach to them. I spent 3 days in the village and was able to preach 3 separate times. The last time I preached on "Why God's Grace?" They would not let me begin until every man, woman, and child were sitting quietly in the middle of the village, under the bamboo. I gave them a clear presentation of the gospel and then, one by one, the men stood up and said, "We've never heard about this kind of 'religion'!" Although no one made a profession of faith the seed was planted and I have an open door to go back. But, "only if you preach to us again".
Spiritual Help/Physical Need
Our month was rudely interrupted when a piece of metal embedded itself into my eye (of course, it was the one time that day I wasn't wearing my safety glasses). We tried, at home, to remove it but it became obvious that we wouldn't be able to. The next morning we drove to Kudjip (3 1/2 hours away)  to the Nazarene Hospital where missionary Dr. Radcliffe,  worked on my eye. He started off pretty jovial but soon got very serious. When he stopped to get a different tool, and then pray again, we knew things weren't going well! It was much deeper than he had anticipated.  He actually had to damage the cornea a bit to get it out. It was pretty painful and my vision became very blurry. Thankfully, the blurriness is lessening, as well as the pain. It looks like I should have a full recovery! Thank you, God!
Physical Help/Spiritual Way
It seems that very rarely do we recognize a miracle of God. But, we felt this month like we saw one! We went 12 days without rain, which is a very long time for us! We rely solely on rainwater for all we use. We hadn't really noticed that it hadn't rained until day 7, at which point we checked our water tank. We were down to 1 1/2 "rings" below 1/3 of our water tank (how we determine how much water we have). We immediately stopped using any nonessential water. However, a family of 6 still uses a lot of water. Plus, the school tank was dry and we were providing drinking water for the kids. We checked our tank each day. And, each day it was still 1 1/2 rings below 1/3! It never went down! On day 12 it went down a couple of rings and that afternoon it started pouring rain! It really felt like our pot of water that God allowed to never go down. It was great to see this little "miracle"!
On a side note, if you would like to refer back to any previous prayer letters please check out our web site (  All prayer letters are in the "Prayer Letter" section of our web site. Thank you so much for your prayers for our family and ministry!


February 2015

Pangia Baptist Missionary School

Training pays off! We’ve been working with the teachers, last year and this year, in training them how to run, and take ownership, of the school. They can see that this school is truly a ministry and that they can affect the lives of these young people.  With that in mind they are doing an excellent job now that school has officially started for the year.  We are still overseeing the school but, in general, we are trying to allow them the opportunity to step up and they are doing an excellent job! We are thankful for the teachers that God has provided for the Pangia Baptist Missionary School!


Quick trip to Port Moresby

I got an unexpected call from the Lands Office in Port Moresby (PNG’s capital city). The Lands Officer told me that our land would be before the board of directors, for approval, sometime in the following week. I organized all of my paperwork, including paperwork that missionary Ted Mullins had started back in 1988, paperwork my dad, missionary Dennis Wells, had continued in 1998, and all of the paperwork we have worked on since 2008. So, I flew to Moresby and stood before the board on Tuesday.  I answered questions and gave my appeal for about 20 minutes. They then advised me that they would let me know in the next 21 days. It looked very promising and we were very encouraged! The next day there were some big issues with the board and everything was shut down indefinitely, which puts our ground in limbo as to what could happen.  Please pray that this will go through and that, after 27 years, we will finally get the land title for the ground that the mission station is on.


Scary Trends

PNG went straight from the Stone Age to the Technology Age in record time! Over the last several years we have seen an increased number of issues revolving around technology. It had mostly revolved around music. Our young people have been introduced to cell phones and smart phones and horrible music has been brought in and is preloaded on just about every memory card you can buy in the country.  This music gets swapped around and is everywhere. Now, videos have been added to the scene. To top it off, Google Trend revealed last week that, “Papua New Guinea is the most pornographic-obsessed country in the world”.  This “new” phenomenon is just an extension of many old cultural ways and behaviors. It is just ramped up to a whole new level.  We can see the affect it is having on the young people and the families. Please pray for our country and for our youth in these last days. 


January 2015

Youth Rally

This year’s youth rally, in Mt. Hagen, had an excellent spirit and the youth were faithful to bring many visitors each day.  Each day many came forward to accept Christ and by the time it was all done 48 had made the decision to ask the Lord to come into their heart and save them from their sin! Many others made decisions to no longer allow Christ to take a backseat in their lives and to live fully for Him.  We pray that they will not waver in this during the upcoming trials that are sure to come and that those who accepted Christ will grow in their Christian walk.  In the mornings we had split sessions with Kirsten teaching the girls and me preaching to the boys. The last day, Sunday, we had the parents in with everyone. I preached on the family and the altar was full. Families came forward to pray together and make decisions.  This is very unusual for PNG and it was amazing to witness! Several adults got saved that morning. A couple of days later one man came to me and said that he had never heard anything like that before and that he and his family hadn’t been able to stop talking about it.  He said it was like “a rope has been tied around my family, joining us, and I don’t want it to change!”  I pray that the other families who came forward also feel this “rope” and that they will grow together, in Christ. Please pray for those who accepted Christ or made decisions during this youth rally.


School Training

 Our A.C.E. school starts the new school year on February 16th. We brought our teachers in for training this month, provided by the Australian board of which we are part.  It was an intense 10 days of training and our teachers did very well.  Five of our teachers (Amber included) passed all of their tests and will receive their certification.  It was good for the teachers, as well, because some have now realized what a ministry this really is and what an affect they can have on the lives of the kids. They have been helping us get ready for the new year with extra vigor which has been exciting to see. We are thankful for the teachers and for the influence that God is allowing us to have in the lives of the students. 


Bible Shipment

We were not able to get the Bible fully completed before the Chinese New Year, which closes everything down for a few weeks.  This will put everything off a little and we are now expecting the first 10,000 King James Pidgin Bibles to arrive in March, rather than February.  Please continue to pray for this and that the Bibles will not be delayed by any customs issues once they arrive.  We want to be able to have them going out as soon as possible after they arrive!

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