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2014 Prayer Letters

December 2014

 Kulipini & Marapini

God really blessed at the meeting in Kulipini this month.  There were 41 pastors at this meeting along with many people from Kulipini and the surrounding area.  We were excited to see 8 people saved! One of the things that I really stressed during the preaching was studying your Bible.  Since we really haven’t had it, it has been difficult for the people to learn to love the Bible.  Our prayer is that the people will fall in love with God’s Word in a way they never have before.  This love for the Bible, and following what God shows them in their reading, is what can change PNG!


The fellowship in Marapini continues to grow and mature. There have been 9 people who have accepted Christ as their Savior in the last few weeks.  Ken Yamu’s preaching is most valuable to the work since oftentimes we cannot make the trip because of too much rain (the road is barely passable when it is dry and the walk would be 7 hours each way).  I am thankful that Ken is so faithful to this struggling fellowship.


Continued Preparation

The preparation for the container continues.  We’ve had 21 truckloads of stone put down and an excavator  is moving it around, pressing it down, and making a road and container storage area for us. We are still so thankful for the big equipment. The road in Pangia is being worked on and the company doing the work is allowing us to hire their machines and purchase stone for our road project, at a greatly discounted price. It is God’s timing for sure!  We are still on target for having the ground prepared for the Bible container’s arrival.  

 Upcoming Furlough

We are going to be leaving PNG for furlough in June.  As hard as it will be to leave in the midst of all the work going on, we will be at almost 5 years for this term and we feel that it is time. I would like to start scheduling our time in the States, if possible, in these next few months.  If you have a specific time/date you would like us to come by your church and give a report on the work here, please email me the information.  We will see how we can schedule around desired dates. Our email is:  I will start contacting our supporting churches in these next few months. 


October & November 2014

 Luke 6:38

We have been amazed at how God’s people have given to the King James Pidgin Bible project! We have now received over $126,000 and the first payment has been made on the first order.  We anticipate the first 10,000 bibles arriving in late January or February.  Thank you so much to all who have given to getting these bibles purchased. We don’t need any more money for the fund!!! The need has been supplied!



As these bibles are sold the fund will be replaced, along with some extra, so that the fund can continue to grow with the rising costs of the future (because we know prices rarely go down on materials!). The remainder will help fund the print shop which will provide free gospel tracts, distributed throughout the entire country! So, not only is this amazing in that bibles are going to be flooding the country (and continuing to flood the country for years and years to come) but God’s Word, through gospel tracts, will also be flooding PNG! Thank you for being part of what can change this country through spreading God’s Word in the Pidgin language!



We are in full preparation mode for getting these bibles here.  At present we are preparing the ground behind the print shop so that a truck can come from the road and unload the container.  There was no location ready that would work.  This should be finished in time for the container’s arrival. 

Another aspect we are working on is getting the print shop registered as a non-profit entity with the government. This requirement, we pray, will also help reduce duty and fees with importing. There is a lot of red tape that we are working through in order to make this a sustainable and continuous project. If we were only bringing in a few bibles, to help with our local area, things wouldn’t be so complex.  But, since we will be dealing with thousands of bibles per year, it changes what the PNG government requires of us. Setting everything up correctly at this stage is crucial! Please pray with us that God will give us wisdom in dealing with government officials and the import companies, and that all paperwork requirements will be finished before the ship arrives in port!


September, 2014
Our whole family, along with the Gade’s family, worked full time in the print shop, striving to finish the tracts, books, and Bibles for the National Pastors Conference this month.  We’ve spent months preparing and working for this. For the books, we brought 2 pidgin Bible study books (John and Joshua/Judges/Ruth), one Bible version comparison book (that Niels Gade wrote), and a book on marriage (that Kirsten and I wrote). There were 150,000 tracts boxed up and ready to deliver to pastors (putting us over the 1,000,000 mark for tracts printed!). We took 80 completed King Jems Pisin Baibels with us.  This endeavor (to print the bible) started over 5 years ago. Holding those bibles in our hands for the first time was absolutely magnificent! We are so thankful that God allowed us to print His Word and that He gave the strength to finish, even through many trials!
Some of our pastors took our flat bed truck to Mendi (where the conference was held) to bring pigs, greens, and a tent for the meeting. On the way there Pastor Kenan fell out of the back of the truck.  As the others were loading him into the truck another vehicle struck ours then careened off the road, hitting a bystander.  By the time I could get there, that evening, Pastor Kenan had been in and out of consciousness, and totally incoherent, for 9 hours.  We had immediately put out the word that prayer was needed! After 9 hours he came back to us, from a very critical state.  He told me he felt that prayers were what brought him back to us.  We thank those of you who got the word and prayed for Pastor Kenan.  He is healing well and we anticipate a full recovery!
At the conference (where 450 were in attendance), Kirsten and I taught, separately, each morning, on the family (Kirsten taught the pastors’ wives and I taught the pastors). We discussed some very personal topics, along with child training and family devotions (including a hands on demonstration by Kirsten with Amber, our 17 year old, playing the disobedient child).  The feedback was encouraging! The family life, as well as married life, is in very sorry shape.  We pray that these couples will take what they learned, apply it in their families, and, in turn, teach their church members the Godly way to have a marriage and family. What an important subject and one needing so much help here!
I must admit, I was apprehensive before heading to the conference with those 80 bibles.  Would the pastors want them? Would they care? Would I be bringing all 80 back home with me? But God is faithful - the response was overwhelming! Just speaking about having a bible, these last few years since we have been working towards printing them, brought little interest(many ideas are brought out here, in PNG, and few are followed up on). But, when those pastors held the bible in their hands their eyes lit up! They were excited!! The 80 we brought were soon gone.  We will be finishing up for a total of 125 in the next couple of weeks.  People are begging for bibles now that they have seen them.  Revival follows God’s Word.  We are praying for a revival in PNG, the likes of which have never been seen here before!


August 2014

 Bible & Printing

The actual printing portion for the King Jems Pisin Baibel is now complete! The obstacles have continued to come but God has continued to show us His provision each step of the way.  The power has been off for 7 of the last 10 weeks (we would appreciate prayer for its soon return!). But we have been able to use Bro. Gade’s generator (our generator for the house is too small, and too far away, to power the print shop) for the print shop, so work continues.  We are now in the process of putting signatures together so that we can start stitching the signatures into book blocks.  Then we will finish making the covers and attach the book blocks to the covers.  The National Pastors Conference starts September 22nd, so our deadline is looming!


Two other books are now completed and ready to print and have available at the conference; the Bible School book for John and a marriage book Kirsten and I put together.  Kirsten and I will be teaching each day on the family so the marriage book will be very important! There are around 20,000 tracts ready to distribute to the pastors and we will continue to print tracts until we leave for the meeting. Please pray that the Bible, and other books and tracts, will be completed on time and that God will use this conference to help the national pastors of Papua New Guinea.



The church in Marapini  has been struggling through various trials over the last few years.  In order to remedy some of the problems (most stemming from the grievous sin of the pastor and his family) the church decided to dissolve itself and start fresh.  We have been driving to Marapini each week to preach and help this “new” church. It’s an excited group of mature Christians as well as younger Christians, including 2 who accepted Christ a couple of Sundays ago.  It’s wonderful to see these Christians getting excited and continuing to be faithful.  Marapini is about 5 hours walk, one way, or a 1 ½ hour 4-wheel driving adventure! In fact, a few weeks ago, I put the Landcruiser on its side trying to get in (no major damage).  Last week we ended up parking the truck and walking the last ½ hour. Preaching in PNG is always exciting!


June & July 2014

 Daru & Moresby

Jason Russell, down in Daru, a small island off the southern coast of PNG, held his youth camp and brought me in to preach.  We had a great camp! There were 11 professions of faith and many decisions were made. It was also a good time of fellowship with Bro. Jason and his family. What a tremendous ministry they have in the Western Province. On the way back to Mt. Hagen I stayed in Port Moresby for 3 days. I was able to make some headway on the ground situation for our mission station in Pangia. I was able to meet face to face with the decision makers in the lands department. A few more steps have now been made towards obtaining the land title for the mission station.

Bible & Printing

On the 23rd of July we printed the first pages of the King Jems Pisin Baibel.  It appeared for a while that God was closing the door to be able to print this newly translated Bible, but then God made it clear that we needed to get started on it! It is a huge endeavor and we have gone into it prayerfully.  The power was off for 3 weeks and we struggled to believe we would be able to start.  We have felt the opposition every step of the way but just seeing those first pages coming out of the presses brought tears to our eyes! Please pray along with us that this Bible will help bring revival to Papua New Guinea!


Forced Rest & Recoveries

Back in January I broke my toe (when I dropped a tire rim on it).  It kept re-breaking and started causing some problems.  I finally went to the doctor and was ordered to stay off of it for 3 weeks – if I wanted to stop my tendon from being completely severed.  At the same time Bro. Gade dealt with a virus that affected his heart. At first it appeared he had congestive heart failure. He ended up going to Singapore for further testing (we kept his 3 kids here with us).  Thankfully, all is well.  However, a few days after returning he joined in the measles epidemic spreading throughout the country. He has now fully recovered. But, the young man from NY, Dylan Parfitt, who is here for a month to help with the printing, is now recovering from measles as well. Connor, our youngest, contracted the mumps but is now over that.  It has been an interesting few months but we are thankful that God has gotten us through and the printing of the Bible is moving forward!


April  & May 2014


The revival in Tengai had a full tent, morning and night. The big tent was set up right in the middle of the house line. Pastor Harry and Pastor John preached in the mornings and I preached at night.  There were lots of hands raised for salvation throughout the week but only one older lady came forward and received Christ.  It appeared there was not much fruit for the labor.  In the next two weeks, though, 6 people were saved.  They had been under conviction during the meeting but just needed some extra time for God to work on them.  Our timing is not God’s timing.  We thank God for these 7 who accepted Christ as a result of this meeting.


We’ve been praying, since my dad and mom, Dennis and Dee Wells, announced their departure, for someone to come and partner with us here, in the ministry, in Pangia. Niels and Gwendy Gade, along with 3 of their children, have come to work together with us for the next 3 years. Niels is teaching in the Bible School and will be working with me in the print shop.  Their two girls, Abigail and Anna, are now each helping in the school one day a week. Niels has also been going out each Sunday to help cover the churches and fellowships that don’t have pastors. He goes one way and I go the other.  It is a huge answer to prayer!


Bible School

We ended up starting Bible School 2 months late this year. I needed the extra time to finish getting the ACE school up and running and also to finish translating more of the notes for the Bible School curriculum.  We have 8 full time students and 6 part time students. Four national pastors are also teaching a class this year. It’s a blessing to see these men being faithful in what they have been taught and to see them ready to “teach others also”. There are currently 7 churches without a pastor in the Wiru tribe, as well as 6 fellowships.  Our prayer is that some of these Bible School students will someday become pastors to fill the great need for spiritual leadership.

Praises and Prayer Requests

1.  There were 2 saved at the fellowship in Yunguli. This work has had some trials (including Apalia, in whose house we meet,  being thrown in jail for a couple of days) and is growing through it all.

2. One of the young men from the high school visited the youth class on Sunday.  After church he accepted Christ as his Savior!

3. The Pastors Fellowship went well. We asked the pastors to bring their wives this time. Only a few did, but Kirsten and Gwendy taught the ladies who came. 

4. Our 3-year visa renewal has been submitted.  Please pray as we will find out soon how long Amber and Trevor will be allowed to stay in the country under our visa.


March 2014


This month marks the one year anniversary of preaching in Yunguli.  We had a tent revival/one year anniversary meeting in that village and invited all to come.  The tent was packed every night and there were many hands raised.  The problem with Yunguli is that the people are very religious and are scared to step away from their religion, not to mention the family pressures that would be involved in doing so.  In the end, there were 2 who were brave enough to come forward and accept Christ as their Savior.  We pray that those who were convicted during the meeting will not forget and they will not harden their hearts to what God is doing.  They heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and we know God’s Word does not return void.  We pray that God will continue to work on those hearts and that they will be saved – whether we ever know about it or not!

Update on the truck

Last month we told you about the accident that Trevor had that totaled the truck.  We have continued to try to press forward with that.  Most of the witnesses still won’t talk now.  One even told the police officer “I’m sorry – I’ve already taken bribe money to not talk”.  The police officer just said, “oh – well I wouldn’t want you to have a problem then!” and continued on his way! We know that if God wants the people responsible to replace our truck that is exactly what will happen! But, from a human standpoint it looks almost hopeless.  We will just continue to trust God and be content with whatever it is that He has decided is best for us – spiritually and physically. If that means no replacement vehicle we will still be content! We are praying for God’s will.



We house, in our boys dorm, pastors kids and other church kids who go to the nearby high school because the dorms at the high school are basically unsupervised and are filled with wickedness.   We (including, Pastor Sam, and up till recently, my parents) have a few years to work with them and try to help them become Godly men. Once they leave we wonder how they are doing and if they are serving God.  We were able to get an update on 2 young men who stayed in the dorm for 4 years. The pastor, in Port Moresby, who they now live with, came to Mt. Hagen and he came up to me to talk.  He said he was very impressed with these two young men when they came to Moresby.  They were grounded in the Word, spiritually mature and they knew how to work.  He decided he needed to keep them at his house so they wouldn’t get pulled away.  He said he just wanted to let us know that they are doing fantastic – one is even their song leader now.  He gave us such an encouraging report that we felt renewed vision for watching over, and working with, these youth.  It seems that God always knows when encouragement is needed and sends something, or someone, along to help.  It was a blessing to our hearts and we are thankful that God showed us some feedback for the work put into these young men.


February 2014


We, first off, have to give God the glory, honor, and thanks, for His protection this month.  After seeing two people accept Christ after I preached in Pangia, we sent Trevor to help with preaching in Yunguli. When Trevor was returning home, along with 4 other young men, he rounded a blind corner. He was coming down a very steep hill and  a truck was heading right for him. He reacted quickly and was able to avoid a head-on collision.  He had to go completely off the road in order to avoid the other truck and his tires slid in the gravel, turning our truck. It rolled 3 times and landed on its side.  All 5 boys walked out (through the windshield) and immediately prayed and gave thanks to God! The truck is totaled.  But, the boys walked away with only minor injuries.  We are praising God and thanking Him that He has allowed us to continue raising Trevor. Thank you, God, for Trevor, and may his life glorify and honor you!



We now have a problem that we ask you to pray with us about. We spent the week after the accident searching out people who had seen the truck that ran Trevor off the road.  We know whose truck it is and we know who was driving.  We have witness statements, detailed descriptions, license plate number, etc.  Our info packet is thorough, complete with pictures.  Once finished we were able to submit it to the authorities (who were “too busy”  to help before and are only barely trying now). At that point the driver was able to learn what information we had. He then met with our witnesses.  They are all now going back on their testimony – either because they were threatened or because they were promised money.  We can’t go forward without their testimony (since the truck didn’t actually touch ours). At this point it isn’t looking promising.  If we can’t move forward there is no possibility of getting anything from the driver and owner to replace our truck.  Please pray that our witnesses will not be afraid to stick with their story and that God will work it all out so that we can get a replacement vehicle.  Either way, we will still give God the glory – with or without a vehicle.  He is still good, all the time!



After four months of preparations our new A.C.E. school started, without problem, this month.  We have 36 students and 4 monitors.  Amber is the head teacher for the 1st grade and is doing a great job as she is teaching those students how to read.  Although the academic side is important, the main focus of this school is to train young men and women in the way of Bible, instilling Biblical character traits, and raising Godly Christians who can be the future leaders in the churches of the Wiru tribe.  We pray that God will use this school to strengthen and enlarge His work in PNG!


January 2014

Youth Rally in Hagen

We brought some of our youth, as well as our own 4 kids, into Mt. Hagen and joined the Temple Baptist Back to School Youth Rally.  I preached this rally and we had preaching morning and night.  The 2nd session each morning was split so I took the boys while Kirsten taught the girls. This meeting was meant to strengthen and encourage the youth as they prepare to start the new school year (summer break is just finishing here). This year brought a great group of young people to the meetings.  We were encouraged to see their desire to serve God. The messages focused around the life of Daniel, Romans 12, and what we can do for God. Kirsten’s goal with the girls was to help them understand that, unlike what PNG culture teaches, they are a precious gift that should be nurtured in the ways of God and not just given away in order to feel accepted.  We pray that this meeting will help the youth stay strong and focused on what God would have them to do with their lives.

 Apalia’s brother

We started the church  in Yunguli after Selah died.  At her funeral the Lutheran pastor’s wife received Christ.  Apalia got saved shortly thereafter and we started holding church services in his house.  Apalia’s brother died last week (unfortunately, he had not accepted Christ).  At his funeral the Yunguli Lutheran pastor got saved! He stood up and resigned his pastorate.  He said “I’ve never heard this before!”  He was so excited to see what God had done for him and he readily stepped up to announce his decision. Please pray for him, and for the church in Yunguli.  I anticipate there will probably be some trouble that comes from this.  Please pray that God will be glorified, that the church will be strengthened, and that this man will stay strong in his decision and that his desire to follow God will only increase. Never give up on anyone – until they’ve died there’s always hope!

 Change of address

Please note that our mailing address here, in PNG, has changed.  Our new address is:

Chad Wells

PO Box 9

Mt. Hagen, WHP

Papua New Guinea


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