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2012 Prayer Letters

November 2012

The States

Ashton Black and David Rau had been with us for 5 months and were a tremendous help and blessing to the ministry here, in Pangia. They returned to the States this month. Not only was it a blessing to watch God work in their lives, but the work that they did while here really helped with the goals of our ministry. Because of their work the print shop was completed and the tracts are going out in great numbers. The process of building the print shop and was long and tedious. We are thankful they were able to be here to help finish this 2 year project.


I drove to Goroka (about 7 hours from Pangia) to meet with the Lands Department chairman, Bryan Ta'a, to find out about our paperwork that we submitted last February. This is the 4th time (that I know of) that this paperwork has been submitted, dating back to 1989. Now, 23 years later, we've finally made some progress (even though the paperwork now includes much more land than the original plans). The paperwork has officially left the 2nd stage and is now in the 3rd stage (of 4 stages). Our prayer is that this lands issue will be put to rest as soon as possible so that there will be no more question or dispute regarding the mission station property. Please pray about this situation.


Fellow missionary, Bryan Girard, had asked me to come preach his 10-year anniversary for Pastor Joe, who took the church Bro. Bryan started in Sara in 1993. It's a 2 day drive to Lae, on the coast, then a 20-30 hour boat ride to Kandrian (where he is now ministering). The scheduled trip on the boat was cancelled and it appeared we wouldn't be going. However, Bro. Girard called me on Thursday, saying the boat was now scheduled to depart on Monday! So, we quickly prepared to leave and headed out first thing the next morning. I preached for Pastor Phillip, in Lae, and then we continued on to Kandrian. On the boat ride over Amber was able to spend several hours talking about Christ with a young lady, Delilah, who then accepted Christ as her Savior. I will be preaching in church, and various outreaches, about 7 times each week. We are going to be in Kandrian until the boat returns, which is an unknown date at this time (somewhere between 10-20 days, hopefully). Please pray for next month's anniversary meeting and that we would see some come to Christ here, in Kandrian. Also, please pray for the work in Pangia during our absence.


September/October 2012

Print Shop up and running

It was a glorious day! The print shop is complete and the printing presses were turned on. When the first sheets of paper went through the roller and gospel tracts came out the other side it was exhilarating! We now have things, for the most part, running smoothly. The tracts are printed on the presses, cut with the cutter, and folded through the folding machine. There has been an excess of 50,000 tracts printed, the majority of which have been sent out to various churches for distribution. After we are able to work out the kinks in the machines and get them fine tuned we should be able to print that many in a day. There have already been reports of several saved and we can hardly contain our excitement! We are also continuing on with preparations for printing the Bible. We now have the money for one of the three needed machines and are getting ready to put in our order. As excited as we are to have tracts, we are even more excited at the prospect of having a complete Bible in the pidgin language!

Ladies Meeting

Mom (Dee Wells) has a yearly ladies meeting here, in Pangia. We all work together to help with it. The kids and I were in charge of the meals. They got up earl with me each morning and helped till dark. Kirsten was one of the speakers, along with mom, and Gwendy Gade as the main speaker. This year the theme of the meeting was "Fruit". The meeting had a wonderful spirit and it seems that the ladies really grasped a lot of what was being taught.

Kauapini Revival

I preached a meeting in Kauapini a couple of weeks ago. There were 6 souls saved throughout the meeting. We also had classes for the visiting pastors. I taught on church counseling (something that is a real struggle for the pastors). It was a long and exhausting week, but an extremely rewarding one. It's always a blessing to see people realize their need for a Savior. It's also a blessing to give pastors help that they can carry back to their churches and people.


August 2012


The Power of tracts

Last month I told you about Felix.  He received a tract and decided to come to church, where he accepted Christ as his Savior.  We’ve started a Thursday evening Bible Study in his village.  Four of his family members have received Christ this month; Felix’s parents, his sister, and an aunt.  His brother-in-law is very close!  Please pray for  these new converts and for those who still need to be saved.  I believe there are many more in the area who will receive Christ. And, remember, it all started with one tract!


The Power of prayer

We’ve worked and prayed for the print shop and what we know God will do with what comes out of it.  As of this month the print shop section of the building is complete!  Ashton Black and David Rau (the 2 young men visiting from our church in Idaho) have done a tremendous amount of work and really helped us reach this goal. We’ll continue to put finishing touches (more cabinets and shelves, etc.) but are ready to turn on the presses the first week of September.  What a long awaited event!  We’ll start with gospel tracts first. We are so excited about the prospect of having tracts and being able to share them with other missionaries and national pastors for their churches as well.  God’s Word will not return void! And we’ll finally have a way to get it into the hands of those to whom we would not otherwise have access.


The Power of helping

The local high school has a new headmaster and the door to teach and preach in the school has been closed since we returned to PNG in 2010.  We’ve prayed about this and have been working towards being able to get back into the school to reach the youth.  The headmaster came to me and asked if he could hire me to oversee the building of some new teacher houses (the school has received some money from the government for this project).  All of the available builders are asking ridiculous prices to do the project (over 100% above the going rate).  After praying and thinking about it we came up with a solution.  No, he could not hire me.  But, he could allow me to come teach a carpentry class at the high school and I would oversee the building of a house, with the students doing the work.  This was very acceptable to him!  We believe God will use this to allow us back into the high school to reach the youth.  Sometimes, just being a help to someone will open more doors than anything else! We’ve started the house and things are going well.


July 2012



We started having our youth Sunday School classes in the new building this month.  What a blessing it has been! We are using the library at the moment, since the classroom isn’t yet finished.  But, we can still hold more young people than before.  We’ve had 12 visitors already and 3 young men accepted Christ as their Savior! We all know that people won’t come to church if there’s no room for them.  Now that there’s room we have many coming (last week we had 75)! We thank God for allowing us to build this building.  It is already proving to be an invaluable tool and we are thankful for it!



We started a new series in our Sunday School class: Creation vs. Evolution. The kids are taught in school out of books received from Australia.  Even though most of the teachers are religious, and believe in God,  they still teach the theory of evolution because “it’s in the book!”  We are working to arm our youth as to how to combat this with Biblical science.  This 6 week series (which will probably turn into a 12 to 15 week series) is already opening their eyes.  We pray that this will help them to not just swallow whatever they read and will help them to think things through and trust the Word of God.  Having a firm foundation, that even science, so called, can’t make crumble, will develop stronger Christians and will, I firmly believe, further the work of God. Please pray for those who are coming and that those who haven’t accepted Christ will see their need of salvation.



Felix has an interesting story to tell.  He was working for a large company, making good money, but realized he was miserable.  He was just getting more drunk and more depressed every week.  He heard of a fight happening in his home village (about 20 minutes from us) and decided to come back and join the fight.  He figured that maybe he’d be a hero and people would talk about him.  Basically, he came back home to die in the fight.  Six days after his return we were passing out tracts in our local outdoor vegetable market.  A little girl received a tract (but didn’t know how to read) and brought it home to Felix.  He read it and decided he needed what it was talking about.  He came to church the next day and accepted Christ!  He went back to his village and told everyone that he had given his life to Christ and he was not going to be a part of the fight now.  He’s been working with us on the mission station the last couple of weeks and we’ve been working to disciple him.  What a blessing to know that tracts still work – even in the jungle!


June 2012


Prime Minister

I was able to meet with the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea this month regarding getting Dr. Kay set up in the hospital. Elections were this month so we knew things would be at a standstill for a bit.  Peter O’Neil has now been re-elected and is still our parliament member.  With that settled he should be able to move forward with this endeavor.  We know God’s timing is best and that even if we think things have been dragging in this area it will all be completed in the timing that God desires.   In the meantime, Dr. Kay continues to see patients on his front porch.  He is excited for the day he can be working in the hospital, administering help for the body and the soul!



Cash has been taking care of the church in Kaupini since the pastor went blind several years ago. I went there to preach one Sunday and we had a business meeting as well.  The church would like to hold a preaching meeting this fall.  At this meeting they will elect Cash as the pastor and have him ordained. It’s a blessing to see the churches that dad helped to start 20 years ago continue to move forward and grow; some with new pastors and some with the same, faithful men who were originally elected as pastor. God is moving in this country and we are thankful we can be here to be a part of it.



David Rau and Ashton Black, two young men from our home church in Idaho, arrived this month (they’ll be here for a couple of months).  What a blessing they’ve already been!  They jumped right in and have been helping with whatever’s needed.



The print shop/library/classroom/dormitory building is coming along nicely. We now have all of the windows and outside doors in and, from the outside, it looks complete. My goal is to have our youth Sunday School class start meeting in the new building in July. It won’t be too much longer and we will see the printing presses started up!


April/May 2012


Haus Sik

Before we left for the States I received a call from the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.  Back in January we sent in a brief with Bro. Kay regarding getting control of the Pangia Haus Sik (aid station) and requesting money to fix it up and get equipment.  The Prime Minister called me and said that he wants this to move forward.  A week after we returned to PNG he called me again and is ready to start the process.  We should be meeting with him soon and we pray that this will finally mean that Bro. Kay can get started working in the haus sik.  This is such a tremendous ministry opportunity!  Not only will the physical needs be met but everyone who comes through can be given a clear presentation of the gospel. Even with the small amount of medical help we’ve done (just on our front porches) we’ve seen people get saved.  Please pray that this will move forward and we’ll be able to get started in the haus sik soon!



After several months of working on it we finally have our vehicle!  It’s a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser.  It’s definitely not new, but it’s in good shape and I believe it will service us well.  The kids were so excited as they rode back to Pangia, for the first time, inside the vehicle.  They’ve been taking the trip to town in the back of a flatbed truck and are either hot from the sun or cold and wet from the rain.  This vehicle really is a blessing to our family and the ministry.  This is really a huge answer to prayer! Thank you to those of you who prayed for this!


Print Shop

While we were in the States I was able to do a lot of research for the print shop.  Fast, cheap internet is wonderful! I was also able to purchase a few more pieces of equipment and am in the process of getting them back to PNG.  There are still 3 major pieces of equipment that we will need to buy in order to print the King James Bible in the Pidgin language.  Our prayer is still to be able to print and bind these Bibles in 2012.


January 2012

Youth Camp

Run That Ye May Obtain was this year’s youth camp theme.  Last year we had more kids than we could really handle with the leaders we had.  So this year we made some changes that brought in fewer kids.  However, it was a group of kids who were very excited to learn and to be at camp.  So, even though we didn’t have the numbers we had last year I believe we had a better camp. We even had a group of kids come all the way from Joey Anderson’s area near Wewak (a 1 hour drive, a 24 hour boat ride, and a 16 hour bus ride back to Pangia).  The spirit of camp was tremendous and we saw 8 kids receive Christ as their Savior.  My brother, Brad, came up and preached, along with my dad, Dennis, in the evenings. Pastor Sam and Dr. Kay preached for the morning chapel.  We even had Bro. Jason Russell (his flight back home to the bush was postponed a week and he was stuck in Hagen) come up and preach the morning devotions. This was the first one of our camps that I haven’t preached.  I must say that, although I missed preaching, it was much easier to direct the leaders and the camp without having to divide my focus. Next year we have a military camp planned and the preparations have already begun!



I’ve been working with Topika since 2008, cutting lumber back in his area of the jungle.   His wife, Lara, had a bad infection in her hand in 2009 and had come to the house for help.  Kirsten worked on her hand every day or so and invited her to church.  She started coming faithfully and received Christ as her Savior the Sunday before we left for the States.  Topika has come faithfully, with his wife ever since. He, however, had not trusted Christ – even though he had made a profession many years ago and had even given a few testimonies.  He finally realized that he was merely a moral church goer but had never actually trusted Christ as his Savior.  We are thankful he finally realized this and is now on his way to heaven!


Kirsten’s brother is getting married and we were given the opportunity to come to the States to be a part of the celebration.  After much prayer we accepted the tickets and will be in Idaho for March and April.  Although it will be difficult to be away from our work here, in PNG, we know that God will bless and we pray we will be able to use the time in the States to further this work.  We will use this opportunity to further prepare for the great task of printing the complete Pidgin Bible.

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