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2011 Prayer Letters

July 2011

Ground Title

We finally received the preliminary title for the ground in Pangia. This is a big blessing! We are still having trouble with the lady gardening behind us, who is still demanding money, but this should go far in ending the problems. She has made many threats (ranging from threatening to kill our animals to saying that our house will be burned down). The people of Pangia are behind us and all want us to continue the work. But, this one lady is really putting up a roadblock, over and over again. Please pray that these problems will be soon ended (and without further incident). We’ve been able to at least start planting the gardens that will be used for the Bible School next year.

Print Shop Progress

Even though the print shop is not yet finished (although we now have the roof on and the lumber is cut and ready to start the window frames) I was able to get some of the printing equipment set up and running – in our house. We put 10 song books together and printed 600 tracts. The formatting and configurations are taking a lot of time to work out, but once each one is done it is ready for full production once the building is complete. I challenged the youth to hand out gospel tracts each week. Not just handing them out, but talking to each person that they give them to. I have gotten some good feedback. We are all very excited to have some tracts!

Learning to Serve

The kids are a help to us in the ministry in many ways. Amber has been able to help not only us, but mom and dad, too. She’s been helping out in mom’s grade school. She taught, by herself, for a whole week this month while mom was sick, then recovering. She loves teaching and she seems to do a very good job! We are thankful for her willing and joyful spirit of helpfulness.

Prayer requests

  • Ladies Meeting August 15-18 (Mom, Kirsten, and Pastor Sam’s wife, Vero, are the speakers.)
  • Land problems
  • Continued progress on the bible school building
  • Bro. Rick and Debbie Kay (They are just waiting on the visa in order to come to PNG.)

May/June 2011

Using the past to build the future

Since dad moved out of Palipini, back in 2007, his house there has been sitting empty and has become a source of contention amongst the villagers. Mostly, jealousy over who is going to get the house. Dad and I decided that the best thing to do would be to go and dismantle the house and re-use, as much as possible, the materials here, in Pangia. We still need to be sensitive to the feelings of the village that dad worked in for 17 years. I called the men of the village to Pangia to have a meeting, regarding the house, and laid out my proposal. A couple of weeks later I went to Palipini and laid it out again. It’s a very difficult thing to do, but is something that must be done. We will bring back the roofing, plywood, electrical and plumbing. I will divide the lumber amongst the families of Palipini. This will give them a bit of a “memory” of the house that they can use and will also allow us to re-use the materials here, in Pangia. Right now the road is too bad to be able to take the truck back to haul the materials out. We will wait for the dry season to dismantle and haul everything out.

Using the Bible to teach character

The schedule was finally created and the Character Class at the high school has finally started. I teach on Thursdays, for 5 hours. I have the 11th and 12th grade students for 2 hours each and then an hour with the teachers. The Character Class covers Bible character traits like honesty, dependability, or a teachable spirit. In each lesson I am able to give them the plan of salvation. There are around 310 students in my classes. I’m hoping to split the time up and be able to add the 9th and 10th graders starting next semester. In a culture where lying, cheating, and stealing are upheld as a virtue we feel that this class might help instill good character (as well as win many to Christ) at an age where they are still moldable.
Using science to give the gospel

Another opportunity that is appearing in the horizon is teaching Creation Science. The public schools here use Australian textbooks which are full of evolution. Most of the science teachers in the schools are at least religious and don’t believe in evolution. They just have no idea how to teach anything else. I met with the science department, and the headmaster, and asked them if they were comfortable teaching evolution knowing that it goes against the Bible. The head of the science department’s response was, “what else can we teach?” I told them that I had many resource books, as well as a creation science curriculum that we purchased before we came, that I would be happy to give them and teach them so that they can include them in their lessons. I don’t know if this will entail me teaching the teachers, separately, or if I will be teaching another class. As of now it is a huge open door!

April 2011
The Ground
Back in 2008 the government gave us 10 acres of ground directly behind the mission station, for future development of the mission station. Since then we’ve been working on trying to get the paperwork complete in order to make it official, but have run into many roadblocks. The surveyor, who I originally paid back in 2008, never finished the job and has been giving me the runaround for the 6 months that we have been back. I finally went back and talked to the Lands Department official. Through much intervention by God we were finally able to get a new lands surveyor to come out and complete the survey, which is the first step to completing the paperwork to receive the ground. There are 4 local people here, in Pangia, who have been giving us trouble, claiming that the ground is theirs by default (because the government hasn’t done anything with the land since they bought it back in the 60’s). These 4 people have been spreading lies about our future plans and it came to a point that we had to go to the Pangia council for help. After a day of “village court” the lies were dispelled and the community was behind us and was reprimanding the 4 troublemakers for getting in the way of God’s work! There will still be more battles regarding this ground, but we are a couple steps closer. Please keep it in your prayers!

I decided to have the 2nd two hours of Bible School on the back porch, for a change of scenery. As I was waiting for everyone to get ready I saw an older lady, Wendima, working in the garden she has behind our house. I brought her to the porch so we could discuss the garden area she can work once this one is complete (she is the 5th gardener on the land, but has been no trouble at all, and we are allowing her to continue on the land, just further back a bit). After talking with her for about 10 minutes I found myself trying to shut down the conversation so we could get on with the soulwinning class. God smote my heart and showed me this was a perfect opportunity to witness as well as teach the class through example. I took about 25 minutes and went through the plan of salvation. By the time I finished she was in tears, wanting to trust Christ as her Saviour! So, Vero (Pastor Sam’s wife, who is in the class) prayed with her. We got firsthand soulwinning experience on the back porch! Wendima has been in a Lutheran church for 35 years but said that she knew nothing of Christ’s cleansing blood and had never asked Jesus Christ to come into her heart.


We spent 2 weeks in Hagen this month. The first week I preached the Kids Camp for Bible Truth Baptist Church (my brother, Brad’s, church). What a privilege it was! We saw 52 kids trust Christ as their Saviour! The 2nd week I had the honor of preaching at Temple Baptist Church during their Leadership Conference. I taught morning classes on the importance and “how to’s” of youth work. The youth are sometimes forgotten in the churches here, in Papua New Guinea. Pray for the pastors who will be starting youth ministries in the near future as the devil wants to have exclusive rights on the young people here!

March, 2011
Drew and Robert
I stood in the Mt. Hagen “arrivals terminal” and watched as two young men, looking slightly overwhelmed but full of energy, got off the plane. Drew Wilson and Robert Ross (from Wisconsin) have come to help with the ministry here, in New Guinea. It is so enjoyable to watch visitors take in all the sights and smells. They have come with an open and willing heart and have a desire to see God work in their lives. They’ve jumped right in, working and ministering, in every way possible. We’ll have the privilege of having their help through the end of May.
Soulwinning Class
Not too different from America here, in New Guinea, christians have a hard time witnessing and giving the gospel to those around them. Inviting people to church, and talking about their church, is easy, but actually witnessing and giving the gospel is something that is very difficult. Because of this I decided to teach the soulwinning class to our first year Bible School students to try to give them more boldness and confidence in giving the gospel to others. So, for this first semester, we have spent much time becoming familiar with presenting the gospel from the Bible without becoming side-tracked with arguments (which is an enjoyable pasttime here, in the Wiru tribe) and focusing on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the payment for sin, and God’s wonderful gift of salvation! Seeing their confidence boosted and their eagerness to actually go talk to a lost soul, I sent them out to find at least 2 people to whom they could present the gospel. Not inviting them to church or giving them a tract, but actually sitting down with them and presenting the gospel. About 2 hours later the students all came back with some fantastic testimonies of how they were able to use God’s Word and talk to many people. Two of the students were able to lead someone to Christ!


Religious Instruction Class

Kirsten has been thoroughly enjoying teaching the Religious Instruction (RI) Class at the Pangia government grade school. She’s able to teach this class each Wednesday morning and averages around 150 kids. Our kids go with her and help in getting everyone all settled in before class. After Kirsten finishes teaching the lesson Trevor comes up and does an object lesson to help illustrate salvation, God’s love, etc. This month there were five kids who trusted Christ as their personal Saviour!

February, 2011

Posts From the Past

We were digging at the building site for the Bible School/Print Shop. Andrew started digging around a wooden object that his shovel had hit. He looked and declared that this was a corner post from an old house. We kept digging and found several more posts, still buried in the ground. The tops had rotted away long ago, but these bases were still hard and strong, bearing the marks of stone axes (meaning they were put in before the white man came to this area). No one remembered a house being here before, until an old man came forward declaring that these posts must be from the old “Haus Sambrant”. This is the area where it was –the old, traditional, spirit worship house. The “Sanguma” man (like a witch doctor) held the people here in spiritual bondage, using curses, potions, and poisons. This was an area of fear. As we continued working the realization dawned on everyone that this same ground, once used to cause fear, was now going to be used to spread the gospel! This same ground will house a building that, instead of keeping people in darkness, will be printing gospel tracts, songbooks, and whatever else God allows us to print for His glory. Christians will be taught how to serve their Saviour. Young men taught to preach. Pastors continuing in training. The ground that Satan held for so many years is now held by the servants of the Almighty God!

Posts For the Future

Dad and I began teaching Bible School on January 31st. It has been going very well! We have 6 students this year. We’ve got school set up so that both dad and I teach a 2 hour class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This gives the students 4 hours of classroom time. Then I work with the students for another 2 hours on whatever project we are working on. Lately it has mostly been the new Bible School building. This gives them some practical work experience. It helps us, and helps them learn some new skills as well. Right now we’ve got it set up to be a 3-year school but we are talking about possibly adding one more year – especially for those students who believe God has called them to preach. Teaching 6 hours of Bible School a week didn’t seem like it would be too difficult when we were setting up the schedule. However, the amount of work it takes to study, then translate the notes and type up the handouts, is quite a task! But, I thoroughly enjoy teaching the Bible to these students who have such a desire to learn.


  1. After 22 days of having no power it was finally restored! Praise God it wasn’t the estimated 2 months!
  2. I preached in the village of Tengai and a lady came forward and trusted Christ as her Saviour!
  3. Pray for the schedule at the high school for the Bible Character class, so that I can start teaching that class soon. If they can work it out I will teach all 1,200 students each week.
  4. The construction of the Bible School/Print Shop building is coming along, slow but sure. Pray that progress will steadily continue.
  5. Please pray with us for our motorhome, back in Idaho, to sell.
  6. There are two new fellowships starting – Payai and Kumiane. Please pray for these Bible studies and for souls to continue getting saved.

January, 2011

Youth Camp

The last of the preparations for youth camp were completed Friday night and the kids began arriving Saturday afternoon. Some of these kids walked as far as 8 hours. The boys slept in the big tent and the girls slept in the two smaller tents. Joey and Amy Anderson, missionaries near Wewak, came and helped us with youth camp this year, which was a tremendous blessing! Sunday morning dad (Dennis Wells) preached an excellent message on God’s plan for your life. He started the message by riding into the tent on his dirt bike. The kids absolutely loved it! It was a great start! Joey, 3 national pastors, and I all got to preach throughout camp. There were 37 kids who came forward during the invitations and accepted Christ as their Saviour, as well as over 40 who came to commit their lives to God’s work. What a great harvest of souls! We had opposition (from within and from without), but God still blessed. There weren’t as many kids during the day (we had just over 600) but at night the tent was filled (with over 900)! Kids and adults alike sneaked in under the cover of darkness to hear the gospel. It rained every day so the grounds got pretty muddy. However, the kids were having so much fun that I don’t think they seemed to notice! We kept the kids busy with volleyball tournaments, Bible memorization, tent pole climbing, skits and lots of great food eating contests (Trevor ate a large root of ginger, in less than 30 seconds, to help his team win the points competition). The day after camp Amber also got to lead 2 young ladies to the Lord. They had heard the gospel during camp but just needed a little bit more encouragement.

Bible School

With camp over we began turning our attention back to the Bible School building, which will be housing the print shop, library, classroom, and dormitory. Bro. Anderson was a great help as we poured the foundation and slab. We’ll be framing the walls and building trusses over the next couple of weeks. Bible School starts this week, so we hope to get this building done as soon as possible.

Printing Equipment

The container that we shipped has arrived in Mt. Hagen and we have begun bringing loads back to Pangia. We should be able to get all of the printing equipment, and books for the library, back in about 4 more trips. The container arrived safely and with almost no duty. What a relief and answer to prayer!

PNG Power

We had a huge storm that knocked down 8 power poles in Pangia Station (including the power pole on our property). We’ll be running the generator for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening, to keep the fridge cold and so that we can have water (our water that we collect from the roof and store in a 2,000 gallon water tank is pumped into the house with an electric pump). So, we have to have the generator on to have water. What a blessing it is to have a generator! Please pray that it won’t take the estimated 2 months to get the power restored! Papua New Guinea is still the land of the unexpected!

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