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2010 Prayer Letters

December, 2010

Spiritual Needs

We started off the month of December by transporting the medium sized tent about 5 hours back into the bush to the village of Paiama. We had a great meeting! The pastor or Wiru Baptist Church, in Paiama, Ken Yamu, did a great job organizing the meeting. We were able to see souls saved each of the nights as well as several Christians come back into the fold. I took the whole family back with me, including our guest from the States, Melissa Sewell. The church provided a nice, clean bush house for us to sleep in. However, there were at least 2 families of rats that had moved in before us! Kirsten and Mel had a little trouble sleeping, as Kirsten hates rats and it doesn’t appear Melissa was too fond of them either! We could hear them scurrying around on the woven bamboo floor. In the middle of the 2nd afternoon Kirsten was laying down, trying to make up for the night before, when she kept feeling things dropping on her. When she finally looked she saw peanut shells being dropped from the semi-open ceiling above. These were the fresh peanuts that we had received as a gift earlier in the morning. Evidently, the rats needed them more than us! However, it was all worth it because we were able to see 14 people trust Christ as their Savior!

I also went and preached at the Kulipini Pastor’s Fellowship. It was a 4 day meeting. I went primarily to be an encouragement and to strengthen the pastors. There were 41 pastors/preacher boys, all of whom are either a pastor of a church or are acting as a pastor for a church or fellowship. It was a blessing for me to see many of these pastors and their wives be encouraged through the preaching of God’s Word. I spent most of the morning sessions teaching on personal growth and family devotions.

Physical Needs

I had a meeting with the Southern Highlands Province Health Administrator, Thomas Anda, discussing the soon arrival of Bro. Richard and Debbie Kay. The Kays are coming to Pangia to help us in both our Christian school and Bible school, and Bro. Kay is going to use his medical background to be a help in the Pangia “haus sik” (aid post). Thomas is very excited to have Bro. Kay come and has opened the door for both medical assistance and administration. This is a great opportunity and we look forward to seeing how God will continue to work and use this open door to see more souls saved.

Prayer Requests

  • Souls to be saved during the youth camp, January 9-12th.
  • The follow-up and discipleship after the youth camp.
  • The Kays as they continue training and doing deputation.
  • The printing press container’s arrival in January.

November, 2010


We arrived in Mt. Hagen, PNG, on November 4th. Mom, dad, Brad, Deborah, and all the kids were there to meet us. After a couple days of picking up supplies in Mt. Hagen we drove to Pangia. As we rounded the corner and pulled into the mission station we were greeted with a welcome back banner, flower leis, laughter and tears. What a joyful reunion!


Steve & Cindy Brogden came to Pangia Station to work with dad and I. He came in March of 2009, just as we were coming home for deputation. Two separate work crews from the States came and helped build his house. After his recent trip to Tonga he believes that God would have him work with his son-in-law and daughter to win the people of Tonga to Christ. We had planned to build our house just down from his, but now, with him leaving, we have moved into this house instead. What a tremendous blessing it is not to have to build a house! This puts us ahead of schedule by at least a year which, of course, provides more time for the ministry. As we raised the start-up money we needed to come to New Guinea it seemed like God was constantly giving us ministry money, but never any money to actually build a house. What we didn’t understand then has become clear now! God is so good!

Print Shop/Library/Bible School/Dormitory

We’ve started work on the combined Print Shop/Library/Bible School/Dormitory. We started off by diverting a creek. Then we started leveling the ground to prepare it for building. The ground is now leveled and we have all the sand and gravel needed to pour the foundation and pad. We are currently in the process of cutting timber for the framing, siding, and other parts of this multipurpose building. The goal is to have this building completed by the first week of February as we will be starting Bible School on February 7th. The container that we shipped in October should also be arriving by the end of January and it would be good if this building was completed so that the printing presses and corresponding equipment can be moved right in.

Upcoming Meetings

We’ve got two meetings coming up. The Christmas meeting in Kulipini is the 19th – 24th. The youth camp, which will be here, in Pangia, is January 9th – 12th. We are expecting over 1000 to attend the youth camp. Please pray as we continue organizing and also for the hearts of the young people that they will be open to the gospel.

September/October 2010


When we started deputation last year our goal was to leave for New Guinea around September of 2010; maybe a little sooner and hopefully not much later. The Lord greatly blessed, filled up our schedule, and allowed us to present our ministry in New Guinea to 107 churches, and in 14 missions conferences, spanning 54,000 miles and 42 states. The Lord protected us throughout these miles with no major breakdown. What a great blessing it was to see so many people with a heart and a desire to serve God and see the Gospel carried into the jungles of New Guinea. Thank you so much for your prayers, your kindness, support, and love offerings! For us, deputation was a great encouragement and joy, from the start, all the way through to completion.


God called me to Papua New Guinea when I was 19. Since then, I have been preparing for this task. There has been much hardship and joy, victories and defeats, and lots and lots of learning! On Friday night, October 22nd, my home church, Treasure Valley Baptist, commissioned me to go into the ends of the earth and follow that call. Words cannot express the overwhelming responsibility and joy I felt seeing Acts 13:1-4 played out in my life.


As we get on the plane Sunday afternoon, October 31st, this next chapter of our life will begin. There are many mixed emotions about leaving our church, friends, and family. It would be very difficult to leave without their support. However, when we think of this great and most important task that God has given us to do our hearts are overwhelmed with the confidence, resolve, and dedication that only God can give. We are ready to commence with this great work.

August, 2010

Itinerary Set

After much research and many long hours clicking through possible airline flights and routes we found tickets to return to Papua New Guinea. Because New Guinea is not a “tourist destination”, building an itinerary can be time consuming. This time it was cheaper to do it ourselves than to have a missions travel agency find them for us. In the end, we were able to purchase tickets at a very good price. We will be departing on Sunday, October 31st at 5:48pm, and arriving in Mt. Hagen, PNG, on November 3rd, at 10:05am! Melissa Sewell, a young lady from our home church, will be coming with us to see what missions is like in the jungles of New Guinea. We are excited to have her come along and help us as we get back to the work!

Crates Packed

We spent 5 days building crates and packing the printing presses. I did not realize how large the crates would need to be in order to fit these two printing presses and all the corresponding equipment and materials! We ended up with 2 large crates, one for each press, and 7 smaller crates for everything else. You would be amazed at how much clothing and personal items can fit around printing equipment! It was quite a laborious task, however, we had a tremendous amount of help from the folks at Old Paths Baptist Church in New York and from our home church in Idaho. We are so thankful for the many people who rolled up their sleeves and helped out in order to get the job done. These crates will be loaded up on a container by the end of September and should arrive in New Guinea sometime in December or January. The printing ministry is going to be an unbelievable help – not only to our ministry, but also to the ministries of other like minded missionaries around the country of Papua New Guinea. Please pray for the safe arrival of the container and that we won’t have to pay any import duty.

Still Time

There’s still room for any books that you might want to send to be used in the Pangia Library! We had a good response this month and have 9 big tupperware totes full of all kinds of books for the library, ready to be loaded in the container with the printing equipment. If you have some books that you would like to send please refer to the Pangia Library page on our web site ( It has much of the information you need to know, including address and mailing information. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us or call us!

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

July, 2010

Learning to Labor

In our absence, this year in New Guinea, a couple of the pastors got together to have a small youth camp. They brought the tent from Pangia and Pastor Sam went and preached the meeting. Pastor Sam was a bit apprehensive, but asked us to pray that it would be a good meeting. God truly blessed these pastors and their desire to see young people saved. There were ten new professions of faith! Almost as exciting, however, were three young men and one young woman who surrendered their life to full time service. The young men made a commitment to begin Bible school next year and the young lady made a commitment to only marry a Christian young man who has a desire to serve God in the ministry. Because the parents arrange the marriages this commitment will be very hard for her to keep. She will need much prayer and determination if she is going to be able to follow through with this decision. Would you pray for these young men and for Rita and her decision?

Laboring to Learn

One of the doors that God opened in Pangia, shortly after we arrived in 2008, was having the opportunity to work with the kids from the government schools. One of the ways we helped them was with their homework. The library in the government school in Pangia has no books in it (not even one!) So, the kids have no resources from which to find answers, do research, and learn. In fact, some of the teachers will come down to the mission station and ask to borrow books from which they can teach their lessons. There are very few, if any, textbooks that the teachers have access to. Many afternoons have been spent with encyclopedias, and other books, on the front porch, showing the kids how to look up topics for papers and find answers for their schoolwork. This has allowed us to build many bridges into the lives of both the students and the teachers. As a result, many souls have been saved. One of our goals is to put together Christian and reference books so that we can have a small library that we can open up in the afternoons, where kids, and adults, can come and learn! This, of course, opens many doors for us to witness and give the gospel. The library would be used by our Bible school students as well. If you would like to get involved and help us with the library ministry please see the information we have posted on our web site under “Pangia Library”. Because of cultural concerns please check the qualifications on the web site. Every book helps! You can mail these books to :

Chad Wells - Pangia Library
c/o JAARS Shipping
7601 Radin Road 
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

June, 2010


The month of June was the most eventful month we’ve had on the road. We are so thankful for those of you who pray for us! We started out the month with a Wednesday meeting, a Thursday meeting, then a Friday and Saturday printing training. When we pulled in late Saturday night, for our Sunday morning meeting, Connor broke his arm. This led to 15 hours in the ER, putting us back at church for the evening service after just a couple of hours of sleep. All in all, we had the privilege of visiting 10 churches, 3 printing ministries, the Word for the World missions candidate school and one night of preaching in the jail; New York to Alabama. As Proverbs 21:31 says, “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord.” Thank you so much for your continuing prayer!


Two of the three printing ministries we were able to visit this month were a hands-on time for training. One for two days, the other for five. I learned a great deal, and during 5 of the 7 days operating printing presses I was able to operate the actual presses that are being shipped to New Guinea. We are so thankful for Great Commission Press and their vision for souls in New Guinea and around the world! It’s been truly exciting to see God opening doors that I didn’t even know existed.


The report from New Guinea is good! Dad said they’ve had folks saved in almost every service and the newest church start, Keremini, is really beginning to take off and move forward. It’s looking like dad will have his house completed by the time we arrive, in October, which means we’ll be able to get started right away on a building for the printing ministry and then our house. We’ve selected a building site for the printing ministry and dad’s going to begin collecting sand and gravel so that we can begin the building process shortly after our arrival. Please pray for us as we continue in the work of raising our support while preparing for the work in New Guinea.


  1. For God to work out the details for our plane tickets
  2. The sale of our motorhome when we finish deputation, so that we can purchase a vehicle in P.N.G.
  3. Continued safety as we finish deputation
  4. For revival in the Wiru tribe

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

May 2010

Jealousy & Spite

Jealousy is a very powerful facet of the New Guinea culture. I’ve seen many times where a man is so jealous of something that someone else has that he is driven to steal it, whether he can actually use it or not. Even if it will end up hurting him in the long run. This part of their culture is very common, even so much that the idea of the “greater common good” is almost completely foreign to them. 
Last week, as I was talking to Pastor Sam, in New Guinea, he told me that a group of local men, from another mission organization, is trying to prohibit us from working in the Pangia “Haus Sik” (hospital/aid station). They are claiming that they have submitted paperwork that would not only block us from using the Pangia Haus Sik as an outreach ministry to help the people through medical help, but would also give them operating control of the Haus Sik, as well. Pastor Sam has checked with the government offices and no such paperwork has been filed, nor exists. It is simply a ploy to cause tension and friction and, ultimately, discourage us from going forward. There is always opposition when you are going forward for Christ. Doors that God opens cannot be closed by man. Please continue to pray for our guidance in this ministry and for Richard and Debbie Kay as they continue to prepare to come minister to the people of the Wiru tribe, through medical and other help.

Bringing Them In

January 9-12, 2011, is going to be our 2nd annual Youth Camp. We have begun planning for this incredible week of preaching, games and Bible memory. In the 2009 camp, we saw 56 young people come to Christ with an attendance of well over 600 (although we only had about 450 actually registered). We only gave them about 48 hours notice, from the time we first put the word out about camp till the time we started signing in the kids.

For the 2011 camp, we’ll be sending out the word at least a month in advance and will be sending teams of people out into different villages to invite kids in. We are anticipating an attendance in excess of one thousand kids, and are praying for many to trust Christ as their Savior. Many of you have expressed an interest in coming to PNG to help us with this youth camp. We’ll have as much detail as possible on our web site by the middle of June. If you are interested in coming, please let us know so that we can be planning appropriately. Please pray that God will give us a great harvest of souls in the 2011 Youth Camp at Pangia Station!

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

April, 2010

By Works (Mark 16:15)

As I watched the freshly printed tracts piling up I was having a hard time believing that I finally had my hands on a real printing press! In a matter of a couple of hours we had burned the plates, set up the press, and printed about 10,000 Spanish gospel tracts. It was so exciting to be able to see a church’s printing press ministry in operation as they worked to prepare 500,000 gospel tracts to be sent into Mexico, carrying the gospel to people who so desperately need to hear of God’s precious gift of salvation.

Ever since God gave us an official printing ministry in November of last year, I would have to admit that a lot of my “windshield time” has been spent praying for and thinking about printing in New Guinea. How will God continue to supply the needed equipment? How long will it take me to learn how to efficiently use the equipment? So often, when following God, there are many pieces to the puzzle that He does not reveal to us until just the right time. I’m afraid that actually being able to help run the press stirred up even more questions than I had before. However, it has also given me a new confidence and even more excitement about what God is going to do through the printing ministry in Pangia.

By Faith (II Corinthians 8:10)

God has given us some tremendous meetings over the last month. We were in one missions conference where the folks doubled their commitment to faith promise missions and had a tremendous burden for souls. It was evident that their burden was not only for those in their own community, but for those around the world. We are so thankful for all of the families, churches, and individuals who have been so kind and loving to us.

Prayer Requests

  1. Safety as we travel around the States
  2. Needed wisdom as we prepare for printing in New Guinea
  3. Guidance in writing and translating different projects for printing in New Guinea
  4. God’s leading and supply as we anticipate heading back to PNG towards the end of September or beginning of October

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

March, 2010

Shipping Out

Over the past 10 months, as we have been presenting the burden, vision and ministry in New Guinea, we have told you about a door that God has opened in regards to the Pangia Haus Sik (hospital/medical clinic). In short, this medical facility has been offered to us if we would but provide a nurse or doctor to operate the facility (which is about a 5 minute walk from our mission station). As we have visited churches across the country we have presented this opportunity for someone to come and minister to the people of the Wiru tribe through the avenue of medical help. The operation of this medical facility will provide a multitude of opportunities to present the gospel to a captive audience! If you go to our website,, you will find the hospital, in all its glory, in a video titled Pangia Haus Sik.

As we all know, when God opens a door He provides a way to walk through that door. Since the day the hospital was offered to me, while we were still in New Guinea, I have been excited to see how God would provide the means to take advantage of this tremendous ministry opportunity. While we were in Austin, Texas, this month God provided the means. Rick and Debbie Kay surrendered to full time missions in 2001 after my mom and dad, Dennis and Dee Wells, presented their ministry in the church the Kays were attending at the time. Nine years later, after visiting with the Kays and telling them about this unprecedented ministry opportunity they told us that they believed that God would have them come work with us. Their pastor agreed and they should be joining us in about a year’s time. What a great answer to prayer! What a blessing it is to see God’s miraculous hand in our ministry. Bro. Kay has been a physician’s assistant for the past 20+ years and is now ready to use this great talent in God’s work in Papua New Guinea.

The Ship’s Come In

The container that we shipped to Papua New Guinea, in January, which contains personal and ministry items for all three Wells families, has arrived safely in PNG. It has made it through customs and is ready to get trucked up to the Highlands. Now we are just waiting for the road to be passable. There are a couple of landslides, and a collapsed bridge, that have made the road impassable. As soon as these areas are fixed (this is the main highway of the country) our container will be in Mt. Hagen, where my brother, Brad, is. A special thanks to all of those who gave of their time, donations and finances to make this container possible!

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

February, 2010

Falling Away

Pastor Sam Lama, of Pangia Baptist Church in New Guinea, tells me that there has been a handful of folks saved in his church this month. Sadly, one individual, Girricks, who worked with us in building dad’s house and a number of other projects, has heeded to the allure and temptations of sin and is no longer attending church. After he professed Christ he battled with being faithful in church and letting God have His way in his life. Girricks is a man who has struggled with his lost clan members and felt the pull of the traditional customs and beliefs. His life is a further testament that no matter what country or culture you are in, if you don’t allow Christ to rule your life completely the wiles of the devil will slip in and pull you out. Girricks is the man who is cutting up the cooked grub worms in the cookhouse grand opening video on our web site. Please pray for this man to get right with his Savior.

Bringing In

We had the privilege of being in 3 missions conferences and 9 churches this month. It was a very tiring month, however, we were able to see God move in many ways. While at a missions conference in Las Vegas Kirsten and the kids were out with a family in the church and I was sitting in the motorhome trying to study. I was feeling very unfocused, and came to the conclusion that I needed to go soulwinning. After just a few minutes of walking I found a young man sitting on a bus stop bench, waiting for his friend to come pick him up. I sat down and asked him if I could tell him what Christ had done for me. Within about 10 minutes he was near tears and asking if he could pray and ask the Lord to save him. As I went back to my studying God gave me a fresh clarity of thought and desire to see more souls saved. We were also able to see 3 others saved in 2 different churches. 

Moving Forward

Lara got saved the week before we left New Guinea. Kirsten had helped her with a life threatening infection in her hand and Lara started coming to church. She is the same lady that we asked you to pray for a few months ago because of another life threatening infection, this time in her leg. That has healed up as well and she is doing fine now. We were excited to hear that last week she followed the Lord in believers baptism, in the Polu river. What a blessing to see people saved and then start growing and trusting the Lord! It’s amazing what can happen when you show a little care and kindness to others!

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

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