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2009 Prayer Letters

December, 2009 and January, 2010


My mom and dad, Dennis and Dee Wells, left to go back home to New Guinea on December 3rd. They arrived safely; energized and ready to get back in the groove, ministering to the Wiru tribe. Dad found the mission station in general good order and was pleased with the house construction and other developments we were able to do while in New Guinea. He will begin wiring and plumbing as he can get supplies back to the bush, between teaching Bible school and “circuit walking” to check on the churches, and mom’s already teaching school again. It was wonderful to get such a good report!


We were able to spend Christmas and New Years with Kirsten’s parents at our home church in Idaho, Treasure Valley Baptist. It was good for our kids (and us) to spend some good quality time with grandma and grandpa, as well as our church family and friends. We also were able to pack the 40’ container which contained items belonging to my dad, my brother Brad (and the radio station), the first half of the printing equipment, and much of our household items and tools. It was such a blessing to us how the men of Treasure Valley Baptist Church jumped in, at a moment’s notice, to help get this monumental task completed. The container should be arriving in Lae, PNG, sometime in March where Brad will make arrangements to get it transported to the Highlands (about 14 hours away). Our ministry and household items will be ready for us to use as soon as we arrive in New Guinea!


Due to the faithful giving and prayers of churches, and individuals, all across this great country our support has been coming along tremendously. We are planning to go back to New Guinea in September, 2010. We have a full schedule of meetings up through the end of July and are looking forward to watching the rest of our support come in, by God’s grace. Please continue to pray for our safety as we travel and that we will be a blessing to the churches we visit. We are so thankful for God’s great blessings!

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

November, 2009


While in New Guinea we saw many young men and women come to Christ. It was exciting to see these young men wanting to learn more about God’s Word for the service of the King! I’ve heard good reports this month, that these young men are continuing on with what they’ve learned and are striving to go forward for Christ. Kaiape, an 18 year old young man who got saved in one of our Friday night youth activities, led two of his classmates and one of his teachers to the Lord in the last few weeks! Hearing these reports enflames the burning desire to get back to the people that God has given us to work with.


This month was a tremendous encouragement to us in seeing God put his hand on some folks here, in America, about coming and helping in the work in various facets in New Guinea. What a blessing it is to see the body of Christ getting excited about what is going on in New Guinea and then commit, and begin to plan, their own trip. Some are planning to come for a couple of weeks, to see the work. Some are planning a few months, to get in the work. We’re praying that God will touch some to come full time. The harvest in PNG is truly white and many more laborers are needed before the night comes.


  • Mom (Dee Wells) has received a clean bill of health regarding her cancer
  • God’s provision and guidance with the printing ministry
  • God’s continued protection while travelling
  • Lara’s life threatening leg infection has healed (in PNG)


  • God’s protection and safety for mom & dad (Dennis & Dee) as they return to PNG on December 3
  • God’s continual direction with the printing ministry
  • Wisdom & strength for the pastors in New Guinea
  • Growth & maturity for the new converts in PNG

Because of God’s Grace,

Chad Wells

October, 2009

Strengthened and Encouraged

We had the great privilege of being a part of three missions conferences this month. It was such a good reminder for us to see the burdens and ministries of other missionaries. We were able to see God saving souls around the world. From Mexico to the Ukraine. From Zambia and New Zealand to the prisons of America. We had the great privilege of seeing ministries where God is saving men and women from their sins, for His glory! It was encouraging to us, especially, to have been a part of our own home church’s missions conference.

Clean Vessel and Willing Heart

In one of our meetings this month I had a man in his early 50s come to the display and comment how he would love to go to the mission field, even if just to help missionaries, but said that he was just too old. While giving my testimony I talked about my dad, Dennis Wells, answering the call to missions at 48, and that, after 19 years of service, he is still praying that God will give him many more years to come. After the service the same gentleman came back to the display with a different attitude and a desire to come and visit the mission field, and possibly more. God’s service knows no age limits. God only requires a clean vessel and a willing heart.

Above and Beyond

God has provided, through individuals and our home church, the means to purchase some printing equipment for our use in New Guinea. While we were in New Guinea, printing booklets for our Bible classes in the public high school, the youth ministries and material for our Bible school, we saw the need to upgrade our printing ability. What we thought would just be a simple higher output desktop printer, God saw fit to give us a copy machine, booklet maker, and other items that will be a great benefit and use for the ministry. The family and I will not have to spend endless hours at the kitchen table collating, folding and stapling before each semester and class. God truly is good and provides above and beyond!

Ephesians 3:20 – “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,”

I am excited, yet humbled, to see where God takes this ministry in the years to come.

Because of God’s grace,

Chad Wells

September, 2009

Sowing, Watering and Reaping

Last year Pastor Sam and I cut trees, a few of which belonged to Akowai and his two sons. Through the course of working Pastor Sam and I had the opportunity to witness to him and his two sons many times. After we were done cutting his trees I gave him the money for his portion of the cut timber. After I had given Akowai the money for his lumber he tried to give a portion of it back to me and said “ I ting dispela bai helpim mi taim mi dai” (this should help me when I die). He and one of his sons went to church a couple of weeks ago. His son left church that day with his name written down in the book of life. His father left still counting on his good works. Akowai died last week, still counting on his own goodness to get him to heaven.

Hither, Thither and Yon

Missions is truly the heartbeat of God, whether it is across the street, across town, or on the other side of the world. We’ve been greatly blessed by the churches we’ve been to. After preaching to a group of young people about submitting your life to doing whatever God would have you to do, one young man came and told me that God had been working in his heart about surrendering for the Lord’s work. He said that he had finally “gotten the victory” and was looking forward to God’s direction for his life, whether it be on the mission field or elsewhere.

Writing, Translating and Printing

The Lord has put a great burden on my heart to get more printed material into the hands of our pastors and Christians in New Guinea. There is some printed material in Pidgin, however, it is not doctrinally sound and, therefore, not much good for our people. As you read this the translating of the first of these projects will be nearing completion. We have recently been in contact with Calvary Publishing, who will be printing, at cost, the books and booklet material that will be needed on a large scale.

Prayer Requests and Answers:

  • Travelling safety for us as we travel around the country
  • Safety as Pastor Sam uses the sawmill to cut lumber for our house
  • Praise the Lord for the bountiful harvest of souls that have been saved this month in PNG
  • Mom (Dee Wells) had surgery earlier this month to remove the cancer that was found. She is healing well and the doctors are confident that they were able to remove all the cancerous tissue. God is certainly gracious and good to us!

Because of God’s Grace,

Chad Wells

August, 2009

Laces to Tires

This month has been yet another great testament to God’s great provision. We had the privilege of being in 10 churches, 1 college, and a missions conference. The missions conference was the church’s first and they pledged to give over $34,000, by faith, to missions next year – what a great victory! I was also able to attend my home church’s pastors school. God has continued to provide all of our needs, and many of our desires, from a new pair of shoelaces for my dress shoes to needed tires for the motorhome. It’s wonderful to see God’s provision as we tread across this great country of ours.

Decision to Destination

Last year, in one of the evangelistic tent meetings that I preached in New Guinea, I dealt with two men regarding their eternal destiny. One accepted God’s precious gift of salvation, while the other rejected, saying “planti taim I stap yet” (I still have plenty of time). Both of these men were killed this month during the tribal fighting. It’s such a reminder to me how the souls of men hang in the balances. May we never put off an opportunity to give out the gospel!

Logs to Lumber

I spoke with Pastor Sam Lama the other day about the sawmill. He said that they’ve only cut a few days since we left New Guinea 5 months ago. There have been various disputes among the laborers and the owner of the trees – nothing new or unusual about that. However, the arguing escalated this past month when some jealous men in the village poured water into the fuel tank of the sawmill. They declared that if Topika, the owner of the trees, wasn’t going to share his lumber with them they would take away the means he had of getting the lumber. So, the sawmill has been disabled for the time being. We are praying that Pastor Sam will be able to cut enough wood during our absence (giving the wood time to dry) to build our house when we return.

Prayer Requests

  1. Travelling safety for us as we travel around the country
  2. Tuesday night outreach in the village of Maiya
  3. Safety for the pastors and Christians with the increased tribal fighting
  4. My parents, Dennis and Dee, who were scheduled to return to PNG August 31st, but had to postpone their return so that mom could have surgery after a cancer diagnosis.

Because of God’s Grace,

Chad Wells

July, 2009

Character Class

Pastor Sam was approached last week by one of the high school teachers who was inquiring about whether or not I would be back in New Guinea by the start of the next school year (which will start February, 2010). Pastor Sam said that the school administrators were disappointed when he told them that we wouldn’t be back for this school year, but would hopefully be back for the following year. It has, however, given me a renewed determination to have the new Bible Character class curriculum completed by the end of deputation. We have been praying about the printing of this curriculum. We are praying about purchasing a larger copier or printer to be able to produce the high school booklets as well as the Bible school curriculum. Please pray that God will give us direction as we explore the options.

Web Site Updates

We’ve been working on our web site ( and have made the blog entries easier to read. We’ve also added over 100 pictures from New Guinea, some with descriptions or explanations. There are no new videos yet, but we hope to have some ready to put on in the next few months. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to email us and let us know! The web site is there to give an accounting of the ministry in New Guinea as well as to make the country, people and ministry more real to you.


Throughout the month of July we continued travelling through the south and were able to present the work in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Alabama. We had several churches pick us up for support this month, which is a tremendous encouragement and blessing. It’s exciting to see enthusiasm and excitement for what God is doing in New Guinea. Please continue to pray as we go from church to church that God will continue to excite the believers and that we would be an encouragement to the churches. 

Prayer Requests
James 5:16 “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

  1. Travelling safety for us as we travel around the country
  2. Tuesday night outreach in the village of Maiya
  3. Safety for the pastors and Christians with the increased tribal fighting
  4. Topika’s wife, Lara, who is battling an infection on her leg that has become life threatening

Because of God’s Grace,Chad Wells

June, 2009

Tribal Fighting

The first of June we heard that the tribal fighting in the Wiru tribe has kicked up a notch or two. Although this does not present a major danger for us, as missionaries, it is very difficult for many of the Christians to stay out of this pointless fighting. This particular battle is between Pastor Sam’s clan and another of our pastor’s clans. I was talking with Pastor Sam and he said that he has no interest or desire to be a part of this fighting at all, because he knows that it will hurt the furtherance of the gospel in Pangia and the Wiru tribe. This is a very difficult stand to take since he is considered one of the family leaders for the clan. He is under intense pressure to join, at least verbally, in the fight. Yet, he stands fast! What a blessing to see these men mature in the Lord, beyond their customs. That is one of our goals; to ingrain God’s Word into the men and women of New Guinea so that they will stand for Christ above and beyond anything else.


I’m not sure who scheduled meetings for me from Arizona to Florida, through the summer, in the sweltering heat! No one else to blame that on but me! We’ve been a part of some wonderful meetings. God has truly blessed us as we present the ministry in New Guinea that God has given to us. The love and interest for us and the work is overwhelming and humbling.


Over the last 3 months, since we’ve returned to the States from New Guinea, Pastor Sam and the two Bible School students, Jerry and Joe, have continued the Tuesday night Bible study in Maiya (one of the nearby villages). Four people, who have been coming for almost a year, have gotten saved in the last few weeks; James, Kawai, Apuka and Roselyn. God has been working on James for many years but he has just been in love with his sin. Roselyn, a diehard Catholic, hadn’t gotten saved before for fear of the Catholic Church.


I had three good times of witnessing to a man named Alex Pepo. He was one of the teachers at the high school and one of the prominent leaders of Pangia Station, who had helped to influence the Lands Officer to give us more land for the work. The day that we drove out of Pangia Station to go to the States Alex gave me a hug, shook my hand, and said that he would surely give in to the Gospel before I returned. Two weeks ago we got word that Alex died, without the saving grace of our Lord.

Because of God’s Grace,

Chad Wells

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