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Our Testimonies

Chad’s Testimony


While sitting in church at the age of 6, in Littleton, Colorado, I heard Pastor Cox preach a fiery message on Hell. All the way home, throughout the evening, and the next morning God used this message to work on my heart. By mid-morning I couldn’t take it any longer and I asked my mom if she would please show me how I could be saved and not go to hell. She showed me from God’s Word how I could be saved. We knelt right there, beside her bed, and I accepted Christ as my Savior.

God’s Call

Shortly after this my family moved to Meridian, Idaho and began attending Treasure Valley Baptist Church. During a missions conference, in 1989, my dad, Dennis Wells, surrendered to God’s call to go to Papua New Guinea. Being a part of God’s work in New Guinea had a great impact on my life. At age 19 (1993), while sitting in a bush hut church in the jungle, I surrendered my life to God’s call to come back as a missionary to Papua New Guinea. Dad began using me in the ministry to intensify my training for what God had called me to do.


I came back to Treasure Valley Baptist Church in 1994 to attend Bible school and to get some experience in our local church. While I was in New Guinea God had been preparing for me a wonderful young lady who has a heart for missions. Kirsten and I had been friends since I was 9. We were married a year later, in August of 1995. Kirsten and I continued to be involved in our church. After 12 years of working in the area and being involved in our church I was offered a six figure position out of state for the company I worked for. This brought me to not only the open door of financial success but of an open door to realize our call to New Guinea. After counseling with my pastor it became clear to both of us that God’s directing hand was leading us to New Guinea. I turned down the promotion and began the paperwork process for our visas to go to PNG. As hard as this decision may seem it truly was an easy decision because of the certainty of God’s call many years ago.

Doing the Work

In January, 2008, my wife, Kirsten, and I, and our 4 children, got on a plane and headed off to be a help to my dad and the new Pangia ministry as well as to give us a short “first term” on the field. Dad and I worked together in Pangia for 9 months until he came back to the States for furlough. We continued working and looking after the ministry until our return 6 months later for our official send-off from our home church and to begin deputation.

During our 15 months in New Guinea we were able to see over 200 people come to Christ through evangelistic meetings, youth conferences, and various outreaches. We, as a family, are looking forward to our return to New Guinea in order to continue the work that God has called us to do in the Wiru tribe. This is where dad and I will work together teaching Bible school, preaching evangelistic meetings, and continuing to train young men and women to serve God amongst their own people.

Kirsten’s Testimony


After attending a Lutheran church for the first 8 years of my life my parents got saved, we started attending Treasure Valley Baptist Church, and I finally had the opportunity to hear the truth of salvation. While sitting in my Sunday School class my teacher told of the horrors of hell and I realized that I was on my way to this terrible place. As he prayed the closing prayer I asked God to come into my heart and cleanse me from my sins. I was so relieved to know that I was now no longer bound for hell!


As a new Christian I loved hearing all of these great, new concepts! The most influential for me were the stories of one of my teachers, Mrs. Patsy Robinson. I hung on her every word and wanted to transfer into my own life every example she gave during her lessons. I’m amazed at how many of those lessons, learned as a child, have remained with me and influenced my life in such a great way.


I met Chad when I was 8, at church. I always admired him and how real and thoughtful he was. I realized, while in the 9th grade, that he was exactly the type of guy I would want to marry someday. He and his family left for New Guinea when we were in the 10th grade. By the 11th grade God had been working in my heart and the burden for missions had become stronger and more real in my life. I spent 6 weeks in Haiti with the Walls in the fall of 1993 in order to get a better understanding of missions. It reinforced to me that God gives the grace needed, at all times, to handle whatever it is that He has asked us to do. My heart’s desire was to someday be a missionary’s wife and I started preparing myself for that goal.

God’s Plan

Chad returned to the States in August of 1994. Within a week we were spending time talking and knew that we had the same thoughts regarding each other. Chad sat me down one evening, at his parent’s house, and told me that God had called him to go back to New Guinea. He said that if it wasn’t my heart’s desire to do that I needed to let him know right then so that we would not go forward in the relationship. He wasn’t interested in progressing to marriage if it wasn’t my heart’s desire to be a missionary’s wife. We were married in August of 1995. 

Trails and Training

Our desire has been, since before our wedding, to go to New Guinea but we knew we needed to wait on the Lord and learn whatever lessons He had for us. We knew that God’s timing is the best timing, even though we felt very impatient at times. God worked through various trials in our lives to prepare us for our future work in New Guinea. The 15 months we were able to spend in New Guinea has only increased my burden and intensified my desire to serve God in the Wiru tribe.

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