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Naomi Ungry

Hello, Wells family! 

We met at WFTW's missionary candidate school last summer. My parents are Tim and Lisa Ungry in Alaska. I enjoyed meeting your family last year and especially spending time with Amber. I have thought about you many times since then, Amber. I pray you will keep serving the Lord with that same sweet spirit in the place where He has chosen to use you! 

I just wanted to express what a blessing it was to visit your website and see what a tremendous work you are doing for the Lord in Papua New Guinea. You are in my prayers. May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen your family and your work.


Naomi Ungry

Ralph Hertle

Dear Wells family!
Me and my father have been trying previously to contact you. We have a family tradition in the Tiripini circuit in Pangia and would really like to get in touch with you to keep the contact and support your work over there. Would you please contact us? That would be so nice!

Katelynn Gookin

Hello Wells family! 
My name is Katelynn and I attend God's Word Baptist Church in Ridgefield Washington. Ever since you've visited our church I have felt like God may be calling me to be a missionary to Papua New Guinea. I am only fourteen, but I am very interested in possibly going on a missions trip here. Keep me in your prayers and just help God to show me what his will for my life is.

Donald Kennedy

Between 1969 and 1971 I worked at Pangia as a Patrol Officer with the New Guinea Government before independence. I wish you all in Papua New Guinea in your efforts to assist the people of Pangia. Please remember me to the people of Pangia.

Claudia and James Manning

My son James(4yrs.old) and I pray for a missionary at breakfast. I have him pick out a prayer card and bring it to the table so we can pray over that family. Today, he picked your family. Thank you for posting "how to pray for your missionary". We attend Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Il. My husband and I first heard of the Wells family in Albuquerque, NM. Then when we went to visit family in Boise we attended Treasure Valley. We were able to greet your parents there. Our friends, Bro. and Mrs. Kay are planning to move to PNG and help. I am thankful for the Wells family. Thank you for your faithfulness!!

the Manning Family

Warren and Edythe

Happy New Year. Sure meant to write before now. Attribute this to age. Sure enjoyed the kids' page. Next time you come we get the kids and you go have a good time somewhere . . . like a second honeymoon.

Love, We'uns

Tracy Taylor Wright

Hey Chad!
Its been a long time! WOW! I love all the pictures of Pangia and your family! Its awesome that you guys are there working! I will keep you in prayer and hopefully by God's Grace I will bring my husband and family there for a visit when Mark and Christi get there and settled! :) 
Thanks for the website!! Its wonderful!! :) 
Tracy Wright

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