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Contact and Family Information


Miscellaneous Information:

Chad - April 8, 1974
Kirsten - July 8, 1975
Anniversary - August 19, 1995
Amber - January 7, 1997
Treovr - March 24, 1998
Derrick - June 19, 2000
Connor - February 19, 2002

(receiving pictures via email can be time consuming and costly, so please, text only, if possible)

Home Church Address:
Treasure Valley Baptist Church
1300 S. Teare Ave.
Meridian, ID 83642
Pastor Rick DeMichele

Support Address:
Word for the World
PO Box 849
Rossville, GA 30741

Papua New Guinea Address:

Pangia Baptist Church

Chad Wells

PO Box 9
Mt. Hagen, WHP
Papua New Guinea

We prefer to receive correspondence at our PNG address, but can receive it through our support address as well. Please be sure to specificy CHAD WELLS.   And, if it is more than an envelope (anything that requires a customs declaration form) please add the "Pangia Baptist Church" to the address so that we won't have to pay duty to receive the package.

We've had people ask us what types of things we like to receive in care packages. So we thought we'd make a little list of some of them!

Spices! We love spices! Italian, Mexican, Cajun, etc. Many times - the hotter, the better! Season salt (with no msg) is also good.
Baking supplies - Amber loves to bake cookies. So, baking chips (like chocolate, butterscotch, mint, etc.) are good. Or other little specialty items.
School supplies - mostly art. We can get pencils, paper, rulers. But, crayons, colored pencils, and markers are hard to come by.
Books - kids chapter books (good, wholesome, character building, history, science, etc.) or good books for adults. We love reading about American history!

Candy/treats - on the kids page the kids' favorite candies are listed. Individually wrapped/sealed is best since things tend to disinigrate in the humidity.
Magazines - Readers Digest, cooking, woodworking, science and hunting.

When sending boxes (the flat rate shipping boxes from the post office are usually the most efficient and economical) you will need to fill out a customs declaration form. Please keep the values minimal and the descriptions of items mundane! Instead of putting "Music CD's" write "Audio". Instead of putting "Chocolate Chips" write "Confections". Once it reaches PNG the post office employees like to take things of interest out of the boxes. A higher valued item or one that is a description they recognize and desire are sometimes taken. The more mundane and vague the description, the more likely we are to receive it. Also, with higher values written down the post office may decide to charge us duty to receive the package (which has become more frequent lately). Since the problems usually arise after leaving the US, insurance and a higher declared value do absolutely nothing for missing items. The post office doesn't insure it in PNG. A new change in how the postal system works (July, 2013) is that they are charging very high fees to pick up a box.  We have been told that if you write "Pangia Baptist Church" on the address we shouldn't be charged these high fees. It seems to help.  Just a few helpful tidbits to make it a little easier all the way around!

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and caring!

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